• "Space Ghost: Coast to Coast" was Cartoon Network's first fully-original animated TV show. It premiered in 1994 and ended in 2004. It was basically the launchpad for Cartoon Network's adult-oriented, late-night programming block "Adult Swim", which gave it the nick-name of "The Father of Adult Swim". It was also the first animated talk show, and pretty much the only one.

    The host of the show was the 1960s Hanna-Barbera action cartoon hero, Space Ghost, who is now self-absorbed and stupid. His arch-nemesis Zorak is the band leader, and he's still as evil as ever. And another villain from the '60s show, Moltar, is the director.

    Space Ghost interviewed actual celebrities. Including: Bobcat Goldthwait, Conan O'Brien, Fran Drecsher, Weird Al Yankovic, Mark Hammil, Jack Black, Matt Groening, Mike Judge, The Ramones, Hulk Hogan, Jim Carrey, Slash, Willie Nelson, Adam West, Emiril Lagasse, Carrot Top, Tyra Banks, Ben Stiller, and William Shatner among many others.

    "Space Ghost: Coast to Coast" spawned many spin-offs. Which include "Cartoon Planet"; "The Brak Show"; "Aqua Teen Hunger Force"; and "Harvey Birdman, Attourney-at-Law". This show was very important to the history of Adult Swim.

    "Space Ghost: Coast to Coast" was just a hilarious show. Surreal humor at it's funniest, and I loved the idea of giving a '60s Hanna-Barbera character a talk show. One of the best shows in Cartoon Network and Williams Street history. The characters were all hilarious, the voice acting was great, as I just said I loved the concept of the show, the limited animation actually made it even funnier, and the odd, surreal sense of humor was just great.

    Rating: 9/10 "Excellent"