• Satire is so hard to do. If you do it too overtly, people will think it's silly. If you do it too subtly, people won't get the joke. This is one of those satires that was done so subtly that I'm not even sure it was a satire. That's why I'm divided on whether or not I like this movie.

    If you approach it as a straightforward thriller, you'll probably be disappointed. It (deliberately?) resorts to a lot of old thriller clichés, unbelievable plot elements, and a crazy outta-left-field ending that may incite you to hurl your popcorn at the screen. I'm guessing that's why it has a relatively low rating on IMDb. Lotta popcorn hurlers.

    But if you approach it as a satire that doesn't take itself too seriously, I think you'll really enjoy it. The low budget production (by Hollywood standards) will only add to your enjoyment, and the far-fetched plot elements will satisfy your craving for B-movie fodder.

    I'm pretty sure the satire was intentional. I mean, one look at the DVD cover (a cute girl in a dentist's chair smiling with a mouthful of blood) should give you an indication that this movie doesn't take itself seriously. I think...

    To me, that is the charm & originality of this film. The audience is never quite sure what to make of it. Are we watching a thriller, or are we watching a carefully crafted mockery of a thriller? Honestly I'll probably have to watch it again with the director's commentary before I can be sure. One way or another, this movie is very memorable!