• I call this a Science Thriller rather than Science Fiction because to call it Sci-Fi immediately puts you into the expectation game for Fast Pace, Zap, Boom, Fantastic. . .

    Even further-- remember that this is British in flavor-- and NOT of the 'Torchwood/Dr Who' variety. Think more like Masterpiece Theatre with just a little bit of 'hustle'.

    A Gov't Scientist and his security minder go about tracking down culprits in outré crimes and disasters in working class England. The show touches on concepts that are theoretical, or bleeding edge-- like the Cloning episode-- but it does so by approaching the concepts in the process of unraveling crimes.

    If you settle down to the fact that this is more a Crime Thriller rather than an Action Thriller, you will not be bothered by the non-Hollywood aspects. The scenes are not bright and glossy with lots of glass skyscrapers and busy streets. No Car chases. No running through the streets. No swat teams kicking down doors with laser gun-sights.

    It's plain, gritty, moody, rumpled, surly & workaday in the way it presents the story. And the final difference is the fact that the endings are not tidily wrapped up. But then neither is Life. . .

    I wouldn't say that the acting on Pat Stewart's part is his best-- I've only ever seen him in Star Trek, (and frankly found his Picard Character 'annoying') So this is a new way of seeing him for a lot people. But the rest of the cast, having no precedents in the American/Hollywood, are spot on with good honest, believable characters. This isn't the Glamorized England of Dr Who or Primeval. You get a sense that this is closer to the 'Real England'.

    My one quibble is an overall grimness that makes it take to watch all in one sitting. But maybe that's my American/Hollywood trained Bias.

    Still, it's interesting, thoughtful drama for a rainy weekend afternoon.