• Warning: Spoilers
    Okay, first of all, get loaded before watching this film. A 40 oz. of King Cobra or St. Ides is a good start. Being inebriated greatly enhances your enjoyment of this flick. It was obviously filmed in the Philippines with Filipino folk playing Vietnamese and Cambodians. William Smith's hair gets progressively lighter until during the final sequence, he is blond. The other four guys who portray Hells Angel types are pretty pathetic. Limpy looks like a skinny, sleazy 70's porn star. Then there's the guy with a shocking green rag across his forehead with a swastika on it. I don't think macho biker types would wear chartreuse, but he never takes it off. Then there's the flabby guy with the huge love handles who fights all the time with his shirt off. Then there's the guy with no muscle tone and killer blue eyes who is the farthest thing from a biker type. We get to see a few topless Filipino women and that's nice. The final assault on the enemy camp with choppers modified with shields and machine guns is classic. I think they knocked down and blew up the same tower three times. Anyway, William Smith is the only legit biker type and he carries the film. Fun movie, but make certain you have plenty of malt liquor on hand to help maintain your viewing pleasure.