• One has to give the adult entertainment industry credit for fast sequels: the first five Masturbation Nation movies all came out in 2009. They are female masturbation movies directed by Tom Byron. Having an interest in this kind of porn, I just received the five DVDs today in a boxset. Now having watched Masturbation Nation 2, I can say I lean more towards the first. Like the first, Masturbation Nation 2 features a little too much zooming in and out and female Goatse-like scenes. This one also features a lot more use of dildos and vibrators, which as I mentioned in my review of the first movie, isn't my preference.

    Yet Masturbation Nation 2 is still solid solo material. The girls all look great and their orgasms are sexy. There's some great breasts (big and small) and smooth skin. About half of them are using their fingers directly to rub and penetrate. Most seem to be enjoying themselves. It's difficult to pick a standout- Tori Black, Penny Flame and Tatiana Kush, among others, hold their own in this visual treat.