• Warning: Spoilers
    Every Diwali, some cheap movie is thrown at us Bollywood buffs. Om Shanti Om, Saanwariya, Action Replay, Golmaal-3 etc. But the nonsense that Ra.One is makes all the above-mentioned films pale in comparison. When "Blue" released two Diwali back, everyone was criticizing it. Now I feel that was way better than which is a total flop movie.

    Remember those Flash-Gordon and Star-Trek inspired soaps like "Captain Vyom" that had a gorgeous Milind Soman and tacky special effects trying to woo kids (and possibly women) in old DD days? Well, if you see Ra.One, you will remember those tacky effects once again. Yup, there are occasional VFXes on par with Hollywood movies. But that's all about it in this SRK crap-fest.

    Which brings us to the star himself. Yes, he is no Soman and age clearly shows on his face. In fact, he has never looked so old before. Add to that the overacting that he has become a master of. You will get a neat idea about what is.

    The rest of the cast were just about okay. Rampal is the best. Kareena looks lost, though amazingly beautiful in a hot way. The child artist is okay too. Music is pathetic with only Chammak Challo standing out. Overall, a horrible film that you should give a miss. I personally feel this is a trailer of what "Don-2" is going to be. One shudders to think of the promotion juggernaut that we have to suffer again from SRK (Seriously Retarded Khan). I lost hope after MNIK. I have seriously given up on him after Thank God I saw the movie on the internet.