• Warning: Spoilers
    Shahrukh can't be this wrong ,this is a team effort.Story is fresh but we didn't had time,budget & courage to portray it,because we have to spend our resources on stupid exposing songs ,right ? The amount spent in the publicity could have been used to convince at least few of many illogical points. At least one shouldn't be wrong in basic laws of physics, electro magnetics,transmission etc,forget about robotics(hilarious). I didn't liked Rajnikant's Robo either,but it at least tried to show the underlying technology behind 'chitti' and acting of Rajnikant as a robot convince you at some point. The movie is not even close to any Hollywood sci-fi.Sorry team,making good chase sequences and lucid fights doesn't make it Hollywood standard.Accept it, its a complete desi movie,with regular songs,romance andfights(useless).Even the dialogues are so poor that you end up looking your neighbours and not to forget the unconvincing climax.

    The EFX team has done a good job.Not the best though.I must say stunt master of this movie need to be applauded.The starting chase sequence and pre-climax train sequences are beyond expectation.I must say this train sequence is better than ROBO.

    I wonder how almost all multiplexes are playing 90% of their shows.Its total monopoly.With these many shows any movie can get its share within two days. Believe it or not. I'm a big shahrukh fan.I always watch his movies on first day.I went for 'Swadesh' thrice,'Chak-de' twice.Compare to these, this is complete deal breaker.

    One last point.This is basically a children's movie.It gets clean 'U' certificate,that means no vulgarity and wild actions.But i found few scenes offensive.This may be cool with urban kids but in most part of the country parents will be uncomfortable to watch with their kids.I hope i made my point.

    Shahrukh Sir, i understand the hard work and efforts behind this project,but it seems to me a personal movie,as if you made this for your son.I guess you will realise soon.

    Sorry Lord 'Rama',i could have celebrated your victory rather than watching this.You warned us about Raavan before(Ra-One).