• Warning: Spoilers
    First of all I will start by saying that this is not a sensible movie for sensible audience. In fact there is no particular audience that this movie caters to. If this is a 'super hero' movie, it should ideally be for children but then content and language is far from a children's movie! Kareena's first scene itself talks about moving from abuses that are towards mothers and sisters to fathers and brothers and many, many such shady words.

    Another irritating aspect is the innumerable kick to the crotch scenes which are over-used and not funny at all.

    There is talk of this movie taking the 'special effects' in Bollywood to a different level. That is hardly the case. There are only a few actions scenes where the special effects are good. I would say Krrish was handled way much better, although it's not right to compare since the two movies are quite different.

    Another thing is that this movie is utterly illogical. If you want to watch this, put aside all your logic. The game has 3 levels and the only way to die is if they are wearing the 'hart' and that too they get only a single bullet on the last level. If this is the only way to die, what does it mean then that they have to survive for a certain amount of time on earlier levels to move forward! The end is the worst. Arjun (Ra.one) fires the gun first even though Shahrukh (G.one) is the one who gets it earlier and the bullet hits Shahrukh (G.one) but he doesn't have the 'hart' on so he doesn't die. Before G.one fires, Ra.one turns into 10 Ra.ones instead of just removing the 'hart' so that he won't die. It seems that the script has been written by a child. Also Shahrukh is shown a madrasi who speaks with that accent but soon it disappears. Also when he dies, he is buried in a Christian way and still his ashes are dispersed by Kareena and their son!! Figure that one!

    They also brought in Rajinikant for just a minute or 2 for no reason whatsoever in the movie but just to get southern audience!

    And if you watch Hollywood movies, you will be able to see the innumerable movies from which Ra.One has copied. The only credit to the film makers goes for this, that they have really worked hard towards copying from so many sources. One of the main movie is of course Terminator, besides Iron man, Batman, Spider-man, even a particular step like one from Jet Li's The Fist of Legend and bit from Mr. Bean and so many others it is not even possible to mention.

    Finally about acting, Shahrukh might be fine in a few scenes but it's almost as if he enjoys being himself too much and forgets that he is a Madrasi with an accent and later even forgets that he is a machine. Kareena is totally redundant except the song.