• Warning: Spoilers
    WHOA. That was the worst movie I've seen since Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist. Dennings just don't know how to pick em am I rite? The script seems to have been written by a melancholy, manic depressive 14 year-old with not a care in the world about a story that actually makes any sense. What's up with the serial killer? Nothing because it carries no relevance at all and adds nothing to the story. I'm sure the normal teacher we see at the beginning of the movie actually falls in love with the terribly one-dimensional, oh so witty teenage brat who wreaks of sex and pretentiousness. What's with our drugged up support lead teen boy? Well, nothing again because his character doesn't make any sense. His friend died? His sister is in love with some nerd? His mom's all over lover girls dad for 10 minutes? There is no coherency what so ever. Nothing that happens matters, or is realistic or is even that captivating. Plus, Dennings as the narrator? Come on, you should have her doing as little talking as possible in any film, it's too painful for everyone.

    I can't continue. It is so unbelievably frustrating how bad this movie is. It's just shameful.