• Warning: Spoilers
    The British comedy is something, for my taste, isn't existent. Only Norman Wisdom's movies that give me a chance to change my mind!

    Wisdom was brilliant. As if a mix of talking Charles Chaplin and British Jerry Lewis. Sometimes he has a miserable lonely soul, and most of the time a loose sense of childhood. The way he used to smile in sadness was exceptional.

    I'm familiar with most of his comedies. And according to them, this movie from 1953, his first as a lead, is their best. For the next 15 years, he'd make lower and lower movies than that. For instance, try to avoid one of his last movies (Press for Time - 1966); it's totally the opposite quality!

    In (Trouble..), the formula achieves itself worthily and perfectly: a kind idiot as a lead + a systematic environment that goes crazy because of his idiocy + a love story between the lead and a girl as good as him. Hmmm, how many comic movies, old and recent, British or else, used that?! Anyway, be sure and secure, it's well done here.

    In this movie, and rather every movie for Wisdom, you'll find a light touch of sexuality. I don't support sexuality on screen, but I have to admit that back then that touch was made in limited and kind of classy manner, totally unlike the matter in later times, and - in specific - our contemporary time. So, as you see, the values of modesty and decency lessen as time goes by, and that can't be a good thing at all!

    Utilizing the TV shows as a background for the end's chase sequence was smart. It made the climax so comic, so dazzling despite the passing of 50 years, and the fact that this is a British movie! However, still the best scene at all is the party of the rich people. What a moment when Norman joins it, thinking it a party of poor servants. The punch line of that scene is invaluable!

    This is rare, for its time, place, and - sorrowfully - lead actor. Watch the rest of Wisdom's movies to see how the blaze faded away gradually.