• This film is about a group of high school classmates' amazing years together, growing up and learning lessons in life.

    "You Are the Apple of My Eye" has a simple but profoundly effective story. The backdrop of the story and the characters are all so ordinary, everyday like, which connects with people so well. Watching the film is like having a time machine, bringing me back to those days when I was just like them.

    The main characters, Chia-Yi and Ko-Teng, are so well matched. They have amazing chemistry, and shows the sweet puppy love which does not fade with time. Their blossoming relationship is bound to evoke much memories, taking viewers into a treasure of sweetness which is stacked away somewhere deep in the brain. Aside from the sweetness, this subplot is also full of "if only", which brings reality back into the fairytale. It invites people to take a nostalgic trip to fill in what the "if only" is for them.

    The film culminates into a great emotional zenith at the end. That beautiful shot in the banquet hall, even though is imaginary, serves as a bittersweet closure. Again, "if only" comes to mind, but only with happiness and not regret.

    "You Are the Apple of My Eye" is an exceptionally well done film. There is no wonder why everyone in Hong Kong is talking about it, all social networking websites have status updates related to the film, and even many newspaper articles are named in relation to the title. "You Are the Apple of My Eye" has become a social phenomenon, and is likely to be an enduring one.