• Warning: Spoilers
    This is a moving and powerful adaptation of Anne Bronte's novel. Unlike her sister's much more famous novels which are Gothic romances this is a contemporary (for it's time) novel about marriage and domestic abuse and the rights of women at the time. It is way ahead of its time and quite relevant today. The little observances of the mean spirited gossip mongers in the village are quite acutely observed. An abused wife flees her husband with their son and tries to live incognito in another village. The "old fashioned" part is when she returns to fulfill her duty to care for him when he is dying. But it's quite touching.

    Production is good - the 2 houses featured suit the story. The actors are good as can be expected. Rupert Graves is effective as the abusive unfaithful husband. Tara Fitzgerald isn't quite pretty enough for the role - so many men shouldn't fall so hopelessly in love with her.

    There are some departures from the novel but they are improvements for dramatic effect.

    Overall worth watching.