• Warning: Spoilers
    SPOILER: The demise of Claire's wedding was very apparent within five minutes of the movie, but I wasn't so sure Claire and Tom were going to hit it off. He seemed to disdain her simply because she was classy and used to good living. She didn't look down her nose at him, but her jokes about him being Grizzly Adams were gentle ribbing, not insults.

    The romance that developed was very sweet and natural. I liked that they connected as artists, and that she connected to Hilly since she had lost her own mother early on. She also seemed to develop a compassion for Tom due to the intense loss he felt for his wife's death, and that it had affected his passion/drive for his art.

    The lady hitchhiker was not necessary to the plot, neither was the horrible truck full of men she rode with. Although, their stranding of Claire was essential to the plot. It was just unfortunate it was done with such hateful men.

    I liked the scenes at the farmhouse where she felt true "home" and comfort. Watching her face, you could tell it meant something special to her.

    The last 10 minutes were rather disappointing in the writing. It could have resolved a little more romantically. It almost made it seem that she came back to Tom only because things didn't work out with Lorenzo, not that she came to the realization that she didn't love Lorenzo and had fallen in love with Tom, and couldn't live without him.

    I felt the 3 main actors did an outstanding job. I love Jennifer Grey, no matter the condition of her nose. She has always impressed me in all her films, and she has aged so beautifully. I think she's lovelier in her middle age than she was as a teenager (has nothing to do with the nose). And Clark Gregg really got to show off his talent in this movie, as opposed to The New Adventures of the Old Christine. He plays such a shallow character in that show - it was nice to see him in a larger range of emotions and subtleties.