• If I had written this review five days ago I would have given it a rating of "10" and not "5". Why the change? Because during the five days the cumulative effect of watching several more episodes that promote a "pro-life" attitude has pushed me over the peak: from addictively watching the show to being astounded and appalled that such a seemingly sophisticated show is so insidiously pushing a point of view.

    The epitome of this was in episode 35, I believe, in which Violet spills her guts to a woman who was raped, is pregnant, and learns the baby she's carrying belongs not to her husband, but to the rapist. At first, Violet is appropriately (in my opinion) appalled that this young woman would even consider carrying a pregnancy to term and having a baby by a man who raped her. But then, of course, true to the "we love babies, life at any cost" attitude of this show, she changes her mind and ultimately influences her therapy patient to go ahead with the pregnancy. Well, at least I assume this is what happened because I had to fast forward through the scene as I couldn't stomach it.

    What?? Is this what this society has come to? Do we devalue the lives of women so much that pregnancy and childbirth and childrearing take precedence in every case? Then there was the episode earlier on in which Addison needs to choose between surgeries: does she save the mother or the fetus (or "unborn baby" as fetuses are now called). You guessed it: the fetus came first! though I do believe she tried to save both.

    After addictively watching 37 episodes of Private Practice because, yes, it is superbly well done: great acting by great, beautiful actors; exciting plots; beautiful environments - I have maxed out. I am so sick of this "let's have as many babies as possible because that's what life is all about" attitude that I'm calling it quits. Though the show is progressive in other ways, and sophisticated, this Rah!Rah! childbearing theme is more than I can bear. It's so reactionary for the cause of women - women who may want children but cannot have them for whatever reason, or women who may (gasp!) CHOOSE NOT TO HAVE THEM, that the pleasure of watching is gone. Too bad because it was a nice escape for me. But watching now is like watching a Republican presidential candidate debate (which I never, ever do).