• Warning: Spoilers
    Dreamworks has practically mastered the majority of generes in this world. Shrek conquerd 'Fantasy', Megamind took over 'Superhero' and Kung Fu Panda went up to 'Martial Arts, said "Skadoosh!" and blasted it up into the heavens were the Box-office gods reside. Now Dreamworks has succefully charmed and beaten (sort of) the 'Spanish Western' with Puss in Boots which shows the life of the Zorro-esque cat before he was kicking it with a certain Green ogre and a Certain Talking Donkey.

    In general the plot is a fun complete with a murderous outlawed married couple, The Origons of Puss and his rather tense relationship with egg-shelled mastermind and Childhood friend Humpty Dumpty, A plot to steal Golden eggs from a giant's castle, Magic Beans, A cat that says "ooooohhh..", Puss attempting to fix a broken reputation, and a showdown with (I'm not kidding) a GIANT freaking Goose named uh, Mother Goose/The great terror! It might not have that big of a climax, However Puss in Boots offers enough Spectacular Visuals, Voice-acting, Computer Animation and Humor to make this film a worthy addition to 2011's final line-up of films.