• Jean-Luc Godard's massive WTF of a movie is certainly something to see, but I'm not going to promise that you'll enjoy it.

    But if you are familiar with Godard at all, you probably don't need me to warn you. An angry filmmaker who has always made angry movies about what's most wrong with our culture, Godard is at his most caustic in "Week End." It's like he was so mad that he decided to make a movie it would be impossible to enjoy in the traditional sense as a big "F YOU!" to humanity. Thus he plays thunderous music over scenes of dialogue so that you can't hear what people are saying, uses jump cuts and jerks to interrupt the visual flow of what you're seeing, and includes things like a 10-minute tracking shot of a traffic jam showing humanity and its most bizarre.

    My praise of Godard and his ilk is always qualified. I understand his importance in the development of film as an art form, but I also instantly bridle at the condescension of filmmakers who feel that it is their duty to use their films to teach me a lesson, and that films can only be meaningful if they are unpleasant.

    Grade: B+