• Warning: Spoilers
    I really liked this movie. It has a very special feel with the slow motion and music put together. To some people since Mad Max is set in post apocalyptic world there should not be another movie made after that. What does a bad acting mean? The acting was fair and the characters were much more meaningful than the weak and lifeless characters I see in today's films which are utterly boring and fake. Perhaps somebody was expecting to see The King's Speech and got disappointed there is no too much dialog. What dialog do you expect from someone running for their lives?! I thought the JCVD character of a tired man still fighting on the edge of his strength was really well conveyed. Fender was cool as hell. The women were pretty, memorable and unique. The pirate's act of meaningless but aesthetic movements and screams were very cool and entertaining. Cheesy sells... If you don't know this watch "Titanic" and look at it's sales. Cyborg made it's money and I knew many people who owned the VHS. The 80s feel of this film cannot be recreated today and is something that will always have sentimental value to many viewers including me.