• Warning: Spoilers
    You know your gonna get entertained by a show when right from the start you know who did the murder. The whole premise is to make the suspect squirm and there's no better guy to perpetrate the squirm than Peter Falk...enter...Lt. Columbo.

    Most TV show characters come and go and most of the characters are pretty much the same. One show goes away and another comes along that's similar and the characters aren't any different. Columbo is one of those shows that's nothing like that...it's unique all unto itself.

    Peter Falk was a semi-popular actor before this series came along but he pretty much made this his legacy by playing the part of a poorly dressed, over worked, under-slept and wildly annoying police detective who just wouldn't let something go. There was a never a simple murder investigation in his eyes. It was always meticulously investigated but by the end, the suspect was just about to lose his mind from being annoyed and poked and prodded with questions. Welcome to Lt. Columbo's world.

    If you happen on an opportunity to see this great show, do so. I can promise you the late Peter Falk will be smiling down on you.