• This movie had one of the best trailers I have seen. From the visual style and music and poetry, it set the expectations pretty high. The movie opened strong with a vast majority of the trailer shown in the first 5 minutes. I found that lost some of the weight it would have had later in the film, you know after I got emotionally invested in the main character…that never really happened for me.

    This was a storyline we have come to know well in the independent film community. It was told from a new perspective and it was raw and urban and real. The problem I had was that aside from the plight of the repressed adolescent, I didn't really care about her. I almost found every other character more interesting including a surprising performance in the girl that played her little sister. I find it hard to really have a coming of age, be true to yourself storyline work unless the audience really connects with the character. At times I just saw an ungrateful child who thought her life was so much harder than everyone else's.

    What really did work in this movie was the fact that coming of age or "coming out" is hard in any setting. This movie showed that barriers exist in all races and all families. It was a bold movie and let me experience life from a completely different world. But I felt more like a voyeur and was never really transported into her life. It's not a bad way to spend an evening but maybe I'd wait to rent this.