• Love this show! Tia and those at Villalobos deal with daily discrimination because of the dogs they care for, and because of their past. You who haven't seen the show would be amazed on how many uneducated biased people are out there to smear the name and reputation of the "pit bull." A LOT of dogs can be rehabilitated while some cannot and I am glad Tia is giving those dogs a second chance. they are safe at dealing with dogs who can act aggressive :)

    I really hope this show can open up people's minds, breed discrimination is a form of racial profiling, any dog has the ability to be aggressive, and "pit bulls" do not have locking jaws, nor are their bite pressures greater than all dogs. "Pit bulls" that i have come across have been very loyal and goofy dogs. They do not have a unique bite style (many have seen on youtube the various breeds "killing" their toys), "pit bulls" are genetically bred for loyalty and companionship so this is how ppl get them to fight, their drive to please their master and to protect their masters even when beaten and starved can cause them to fight. Even with fighting dogs, they have to be starved, strangled, beaten, etc to even fight another dog and even then that doesn't work so those dogs who do not fight are turned into bait dogs, or killed :(

    I hope this show delves into dog fighting more and the outcomes of those who can be rehabilitated!