• I have never felt compelled to write a bad review of anything on IMDb as I generally prefer to recommend good titles that I've watched in the hope that other people share the experience. However, I have had to write this review for one of the worst comedy series of all time.

    I love Friends. I have watched all the movies and spinoffs from the cast since. Joey was pretty bad and understand why it was cancelled but I thought the cast did well from a poor script. Mr. Sunshine however is awful in every respect. Comedy is about timing and relating to everyday people in everyday life what is what made friends successful despite it being a bunch of beautiful people in new york.

    This "comedy" exaggerates the characters behaviours to an extent that makes an episode of baywatch look like a real depiction of beach life. What the hell is the manager and her son all about. I watched episode 1 and watched half of episode 2 and then came on IMDb to warn people that Matthew Perry is not funny. Every time a character does something ridiculously abnormal he pulls the same expression of opening his eyes wide and putting his hand out as if he is the normal one.

    Please please... be warned to never be tempted to switch this on.