• Warning: Spoilers
    That's what watching it felt like.

    Lame cop show dolled up with spatiotemporal hocus pocus.

    Problem with hocus pocus is that Lost went and poisoned that well.

    If you could delude yourself with talk of "purgatory" last time, then you should be okay. Otherwise you will cast a decidedly jaundiced eye on this one.

    No, you won't like what you see.

    Sam is suitably sombre.

    'Hugo' is competent straight man.

    Elfin cop is cute but her pants and shoes make her look like an urchin escaped from some Dickens adaptation.

    Music tries desperately to convince that things are oh so mysterious and exciting.


    Villains were laughable.

    As was the plot.

    Guess they are hoping you will swallow the "unexplained" as easily as the leads.

    Elf blindly dives in headfirst because "my grandfather killed my partner".

    This from the alleged hard-boiled cop.

    FBI guy devoted decades to waiting for these guys to reappear but apparently never bothered to examine the files and effects in storage. He had to wait for these two to show up and solve the cases using that information.

    Instead he built a spanking new replica of the prison.

    Not to mention a command centre that looks remarkably fake coming as it did on the heels of shots of the real prison.

    The 'missing' number in the hundreds and include guards and prisoners. Theoretically sews up a lot of episodes. However on current evidence such a life expectancy seems wildly optimistic.

    Abrams needs a makeover. Should distance himself from stuff like this until he finds something that is genuinely compelling and coherent.

    Wish them well.

    Thank you.