• Warning: Spoilers
    Brought to us from most of the team responsible for the greatest TV show ever...Lost ! Music by giacchino,direction by jack bender and produced by JJ Abrams, throw in some familiar faces Neil and garcia and sure to be a winner right? ...... Wrong! I was so looking forward to seeing this for some time but after 2 episodes I gotta say i'm left disappointed. The plot is yet another time travel thread but woven this time around weak characters which I find as a viewer uninteresting or attached to. There is very little character build up so the show is fairly fast paced but at the same time quite predictable. Unlike Lost, which grabbed and sucked me right in on the first episode Alcatraz did not, but as a big abrams fan I will mush on and continue to watch at least till the end of the first season. Thank the lord we still got Hurley!