• Warning: Spoilers
    I tune into this looking forward to a new mystery twist and what a concept i thought all the inmates of Alcatraz disappear and come back 50 years later or so. From the first 10 minutes or so i was groaning ,a kid wanders off to non access area of Alcatraz ,no guard notices no parents notice no one notices as if.Big scary secret guy who has spent 50 years watching and planning for the expected returns spills all to female detective and author in like 1 min no warnings, once i tell you you your in or i kill you ,no sign official secret act to ensure keep what about to tell you secret just blam spill the beans and so it goes on, is this show aimed at 12 year olds there is just so little realism audiences are surely more educated these days by better cops shows reality procedure shows etc etc than to believe this .Shame shame great idea terrible execution .