• Warning: Spoilers
    After watching a few episodes, I think the show is a keeper...for now. When I first heard Fox was developing a story like this, I literally laughed and thought they were crazy. My opinion has changed.

    If you liked X-Files or Cold Case you will like the show. I get that vibe from the show. The show's developing story line brings you back to the 1960's to where it all started. The story starts 3 years before the inmates disappear. You get the feeling there are sinister actions in taking place well before the disappearances occur.

    Sam Neill and Jorge Garcia are great in this. I would even go as far to say Johnny Coyne is great too. Johnny Coyne plays the warden and he puts evilness at another level.

    The show will only get better if Sarah Jones' acting gets better. She is the main detective and you can tell she has that "made for TV" background. Right now the inmates roles are very limited. I hope these inmates get extended action as the series continues. Early criminals dropped off in present day. It will be very predictable. Make them less so.