• Extremely mild "comedy" concerning suave accountant (Brazzi) whose secret numbers system compels him to test his arithmetic prowess against the house, becoming a problem gambler that threatens his marriage to the bright and feisty Glynis Johns.

    Robert Morley plays the typical pompous tycoon who eventually employs Brazzi after a series of financial losses, Tony Britton is Brazzi's laconic brother-in-law and while she's listed in the credits, I didn't happen to notice a young Shirley Ann Field ("Saturday Night & Sunday Morning") in an early film appearance though it would have been a highlight in this dull, alleged comedy.

    Glynis Johns has the best character, pert and precocious in her inimitable way and by far eclipses another Brazzi trademark emasculation; I enjoyed many Rossano Brazzi films, but he never looked convincing turning on the waterworks, and he gives the damp-eyes acting technique another attempt here with limited sympathy. Devotees of Brazzi, Johns or Morley might want to pay attention, but unlikely to appeal elsewhere.