• Warning: Spoilers
    This has to be one of the most pathetic and unimaginative "horror" movie ever made. At first I thought that it was just another one of those bland "PG-13" horror films...But it turned out to be much worse than that.

    First of all, this pseudo "horror" film is not scary or thrilling at all, it is just a dumb and cheap repetition of many clich├ęs that appeared in many other slasher films involving this, except than in this movie there is no gore or anything like that (In order to keep the PG-13 rating) Of course, not all the horror movies need to include gallons of blood in order to be scary (In fact, many non-scary horror films have lots of gore and that quality doesn't make them any better) but seriously, "When a Stranger Calls" it's so idiotic, plain, tamed and unimaginative that after I watched it I was convinced that the whole horror genre was doomed. It was that bad.

    The acting was bad, the characters were dull, the almost non-existent plot was terrible and every single attempt to be scary or "thrilling" was just plain stupid and bland: This movie wasn't even like those kind of films that are so bad that are funny (Like the movies that appeared in Mystery Science Teather 3000) being just bad and boring instead.

    This is definitely one of the worst movies that I've seen in my life. If you hate the tamed PG-13 horror movies, then avoid it. And if you don't, I still recommend you to skip this movie and watch anything else instead.

    0/10 (And I would rate it with negatives if I could)