• Warning: Spoilers
    Red State, from director Kevin Smith starts off with good intentions. It starts out with political overtones. The buddies are driving and they stumble upon a funeral of a gay man being protested by a crazy anti-gay preacher and his followers. Then you have the obligatory classroom scene where he protest is discussed. The classroom scene also helps to establish the main characters as the goof off, the sex maniac and the semi-rational guy.

    Of course a movie with teenage males in it means one thing for sure, they want to get some sex and that is at the heart of the story. The three guys are looking for sex online but all the women on the site they visit are either in LA or New York except for one. One woman is in a nearby small town. So the men set up a meeting to have sex with this woman. They meet a middle aged woman outside her mobile home. She invites them in to have beers and that's where the movie goes tragically wrong. The woman has drugged them and she's one of the anti-gay preacher's followers. They wind up in the church where they see a gay man bound to a cross with plastic food wrap. The preacher has already begun what has to be the most boring, incoherent sermon in movie history. The gay man is then executed with a pistol through the top of the head.

    After seeing the execution and the crazy followers tie their friend to the giant cross. Two of the teens escape. This is where the movie loses itself. It turns into a Waco style standoff between the ATF and the crazy preacher and his insane followers. It totally abandons the anti-gay story and the teens wanting sex story. It turns into a pointless shootout, a government cover-up by murder and a silly dog story at the end that has absolutely nothing to do with the story. Nothing is really resolved after many things were set up to be big revelations later in the film. It was like Kevin Smith started making a movie about anti-gay preachers and teens wanting to get sex and then ran out of money, quit and told his assistant to finish the movie and use your "imagination".

    This movie has to be one of the worst, most depressing films I've seen in my life. I think they should show this movie to film students to show now NOT to make a movie. I also feel like filing a lawsuit against Kevin Smith for stealing 90 minutes of my life that I will never have back and filling that time with memories of a horrible movie. Avoid this movie if you can!