• Whether you see him as a AVGN knock-off (which he was by his own admission) or as the underdog funny-man of YouTube, you have to hand it to Chris Bores for being one of the veterans from the early days of online comedy reviewing to have lasted as long as he has. But with this in mind, is the show any good? Even taking into account Bores' low-fi, DIY YouTube heritage, the "classic" episodes have not aged well and while in the later years, Bores began to develop the show with more characters and After Effects, the quality overall is pretty underwhelming.

    Chris Bore has always come off as a forced, frat-boy version of the AVGN character. His comedic range as a writer is limited it is sometimes mildly-entertaining in the same corny way that weird uncle can be at Christmas parties (as with his Woody Allen-eqse Ronnie The Skeleton). But like that uncle after a few to many drinks, it gets old really fast.