• Warning: Spoilers
    There was absolutely no point to write a screenplay for movies like this. Absolute nonsense.

    All the events of the movie are absolutely "forced". Car parked so far away. Security guard getting knocked out. Guy walking a dog in the middle of the parking lot getting killed? (all seen from the trailer). Come on... I empathize with the actors and crew members who had to be part of this nonsensical project.

    SPOILER: What was the motive of the killer? He just hides in his storage unit drawing up plans on acetate that he can overlap. Give me a break. If one of the characters had a cell phone, a lighter, or A BRAIN, the killer would have gone home.

    I can't wait for the reviews to start pouring in... or perhaps, no one would watch this straight to "cassette" tape movie.

    One of the most ignorant movies I've seen in my life.