• I have watched several films that span across many different categories and time-frames (everything from the absolute greatest to the all-time worst rated films). In my honest opinion, I believe that the movie is definitely more deserving of a 4.5 rating, but not high enough to reach the 7 to 10 range. I believe that this movie is somewhere in the low 6's.

    The film has touches of humor in small scenes that are a bit too cheesy for the adult crowd. The film is also flawed with some "cartoony" and downright predictable scenes, but it is nowhere near as "cartoony" as a basketball flick like Space Jam. The flaws that this movie contains are most definitely made up for with several meaningful scenes that project emotions of ambition, courage, suspense, sadness, and happiness. The pace of the film is very easygoing from the beginning and while the shots are not astounding, they serve their purpose more than well.

    The same applies for the soundtrack as do the shots. It is certainly not the best, but the dramatic scenes have their own orchestrated bits and the flashy scenes have cuts of hip-hop and pop, which is what Lil' Bow Wow (the protagonist) was known for. They work well with the theme of the film.

    In conclusion, the concept of the story may seem a little far-fetched, but the overall message is definitely made clear as the movie progresses and leaves viewers leaning towards the gratified side of the spectrum in the ending.