• This series is a huge miss. Between the abysmal direction and the lousy writing, I'm surprised that Stewart was able to put anything into his role. I have to admit that "Eleventh Hour" doesn't resort to the ridiculous, semi-supernatural plot lines that characterize "Fringe," but it sins in the other direction: it is boring and superficial. In a typical scene, Stewart demonstrates the fact that he can't predict what his department's budget will be by tossing papers in the air to land randomly. He uses grapes to demonstrate (?) how cloning is accomplished. Later, he gives us a history lesson by explaining how Edward Jenner developed inoculation against smallpox. All of this is done on a third-grade level, like an after-school special or "Sesame Street."

    When you add to this his incomprehensible status as the "science adviser" to some government group (with oddly undefined powers and authority) and the fact that apparently there's nobody else in the health services who is capable of conducting an investigation, you get a lot of eye-rolling and sighs.

    If you're a big Stewart fan, you might give this a look. Otherwise, stay away.