• Warning: Spoilers
    From the disturbed mind of Latvian director Edvins Snore comes an evil masterpiece titled The Soviet Story. It's so bad that it has to be seen to be believed. It's filled with lies, lies and more lies. The poster alone should tell you that it's purely propaganda; the statue of the worker and the peasant on top of a pile of human corpses. The film includes a creepy narration, huge red titles, and constant footage of corpses. The Soviet Story won't be taken seriously by viewers in the future. The best Western documentary about the Second World War is titled The World At War (1973). The World At War has faults, and one can say that it's also anti-Russian. But at least it tries to provide a somewhat objective look at what happened during that war. Adolf Hitler was broken in Russia, and the Soviet Union suffered 19 million civilian deaths. This sort of information surely isn't mentioned in The Soviet Story. Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union did have a non-aggression pact due to convenience, but Joseph Stalin approved it only because he wanted Russia to stay out of the war at that time. Stalin knew what the British and the French were plotting, and he had good reasons to distrust the imperialists. In addition to this Stalin's critics exaggerate the number of victims of his regime to numbers beyond belief. This tells me one thing; they don't care about the dead. The several million deaths resulting from state policies are attributed to political repression and rapid industrialization. The Soviet Union lasted until 1991, and what's shown in this inaccurate horror flick supposedly happened before 1950. I wonder what results Snore would have had if he instead channeled his criticism towards Nazism and Fascism, European imperialists, or the slavery and landgrabs of the Americans. There's also the matter of Western financiers and monopolists against whom Stalin had to fight. I'm not going to go into this matter, but I will mention that they brought Hitler to power and they seriously opposed the Soviet Union ever since Stalin abandoned the project of world revolution.

    Reliable critics and historians already heavily criticized The Soviet Story. One of Snore's tactics is using footage of the dead and claiming that these were the victims of Communism. Can someone sink any lower? The supposed dead from the famine of 1932 here are in fact Russian and German dead from World War I. How do I know this? It's because I've seen the same footage in the acclaimed 1964 documentary series The Great War. But this doesn't bother a man like Snore. He just throws anything that he can find into the blender and hopes for an effective result. So what you get is pictures taken at Nazi concentration camps presented as pictures taken at Soviet labour camps. It's really disturbing how much false footage is used in this film. He claims that his countrymen were brutally oppressed by the Russians. Well, there was some oppression during the Stalin period, but it certainly wasn't like what Snore imagines. Snore somehow didn't mention that his countrymen joined the Wehrmacht and the SS during the war, and then hunted down and killed thousands of Jews and Socialists. Some even participated in the slaughter of civilians in Russia. At the end of the film Snore takes a stab at the second president of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin. Now we get to see why this film was actually released. It was released by a Russophobe to spread anti-Russian sentiment. The dissolution of the Soviet Union took place 20 years ago, and life got worse in the countries which were part of it. The Soviet government is no more, but history continues. Russia was hit hard by the economic problems caused by Capitalism and the West. But countries like Latvia fared little better. Populations in former Soviet republics have been decreasing ever since. The current Western-backed regimes of the Baltic states want to hide what really happened and instead blame and lie about Russia. Deranged people like Edvins Snore are going to praise this awful film. These poor souls need emotional healing. Those who want reliable information should find something else, preferably a good history book.