• Many of my friends said that this movie was nothing to be excited about and I watched it without high expectation to fill my evening.

    But I have to admit, I was very nicely surprised - honestly, this movie is one of the best motion pictures I've ever seen: It has stunning visuals, an amazingly written and animated choreography (both for the fights and for the dances - every hair, every muscle of the cats just plays so nicely), it shows great love to the most tiny detail, good and easy to follow story (which is not always the best, but it's an animated movie kids should understand, so this time it's desired), it sports a well written and most importantly well played/animated love story, quite good action, well placed references to other media (First rule of bean club...) and of course - the cats.

    OK, I admit - I'm a cat person, I basically am a cat, so that probably casts a slight shadow on my review but still, Puss in Boots is a very good movie.

    Two things I would change to make this movie simply the best movie of all times: come up with a better visual idea for Humpty Dumpty (he's really ugly) and place Jack Black in his role (though I guess his ego wouldn't comply too well with playing a sidekick :D)