• Warning: Spoilers
    Hi All,

    I know there is all this stuff about AVGN vs IG but let me state things how they are. To be fair to Chris he uses some nice special effects considering the budget for each of his videos and I like his retrospective videos on the 80's but ....well thats about it.

    Original Idea's: He rarely comes up with his own idea's and when starting off he completely ripped off the AVGN down to the words used in his script. Even recently he reviewed The Silver Surfer on the NES and while he did touch upon things AVGN didn't it still reeked of James Rolfe e.g. "Your gonna die die die DIE!". In other words it was the same review just repackaged. There are millions of other games he could review, why does he review so many games that the AVGN has reviewed. AVGN aside he still blatantly steals material from other reviewers.

    He is Not Really a Gamer: In the past he has reviewed games that were perfectly good or at least average yet complained about them e.g. Home Improvement on the SNES. His critiquing was awful as it was based on the difficulty level and not on the game play. He simply found the game difficult which is not grounds the discredit a game. Often when reviewing a game he will bring out his almighty GAME GENIE to progress.

    His Jokes Are Not Funny: While I am sure some of his videos get a chuckle from some, the majority of his jokes are childish, predictable and are not very clever in anyway. He relies too much on special effects to get a laugh which is the sign of a bad script writer.

    Censorship: Listen I can completely understand if a YouTube user is getting abuse in the comments section then he/she have every right in the word to remove comments and block users but when the level of censorship hits North Korean heights then thats not right. Even a hint of AVGN mentioned in the comment section is removed. If the video is critiqued too much then the comment is removed. More often than not any ratings are disabled.

    At the end of the day I am not picking sides as AVGN himself has his own failings (e.g. his acting isn't great sometimes) but I am merely saying what I see. Chris has done a very good job monetizing his reviews and I wish him the best but sadly to most he is a poor mans AVGN (which is an awful tag).