• I had never seen nor heard of Jorgen Leth's short film, "The Perfect Man"

    Here it is online if you care to (re-)watch


    For a 10 minute film, it has some remarkably memorable moments, the man dancing, the man muttering while eating.

    That film is the seed for this one. Lo and behold the DVD revolution has come completely round, and the making of a film becomes the movie itself. While I can understand some of the detractors here, I found the film fascinating, and could not turn it off.

    There is something inherently pleasing to me, to have some one map out a series of rules and then have another person exercise some creativity within those rules, or in this case obstructions. But as surely as obstructions become creativity this film flips back upon itself.

    My obstruction as a reviewer then is to describe this as a summer blockbuster:

    This is a film about Batman and the Joker playing ping-pong, but while the game is on, the Joker is busy destroying Gotham City on the sly. However, in the end, the Joker finds that Batman is not really Batman, but Alfred the Butler in disguise (and not portrayed by Jorgen Leth), ultimately Batman has preserved Gotham.

    Yes I know that fails, but if you enjoy books about authors writing books, you may enjoy this film as I did.