• When I heard about this show my first reaction was !Warren Jeffs!, only because that was the only time I had ever really heard about the religion. Once I watched the show I was in love from the start! This family is nothing like Jeffs and they teach you; that's NOT at all how polygamy is! - I feel like they're all truly genuine! Yes Kody seems to cheese it up for the cameras from time to time, but the wives don't seem to care and put Kody in his place & the kids speak their mind disagreeing most of the time. They're such an easy family to fall in love with and relate to, & you sincerely feel for them because of it.

    Once you get to "know" them it's impossible to judge them. They're so open minded, as a lesbian, it's refreshing to see people who are religious & not be judgmental. If you haven't seen the show because of their beliefs then it's time to put that a side and take 30mins (more like 20 bc of commercials)& take in everything that the Brown family is. If you can manage to look past their religion then I assure you you'll love this show just as much as I do!! :)