• Warning: Spoilers
    Having just seen this on YouTube and not expecting anything special when it popped up in 4:3, found myself engrossed in a nicely worked script. Simple, one location, one central character and a series of meetings on the bench that eventually reveal the truth of our tale.

    The lead actor is a young chap called Scott Mullins (who is also one of the two writers) And thank God he had the good sense to let someone else in James Sharp direct it. He is easy on the eye, works well within his character and is totally engaging.

    Mike Prince as the first arrival is also excellent as is the other writer of the piece Elliot Daniels - who also composed the score - Nicely under worked.

    The cut is good although the grading looks a little odd on You Tube - But that could just be You Tube.

    So that's it - small cast and crew - great script - well executed and probably cost less than a night out at the White Horse! Marvelous.