• There is something about the atmosphere this film creates in its opening ten minutes or so. In these minutes we are treated to skillful acting from Gandolfini, Davis, Stewart and Leo which creates atmosphere, starts us thinking about the characters, and slightly depresses us as to the atmosphere and content of contemporary society. That by the end of the film we are more understanding is an incredible compliment to this film and how it is so intuitively and beautifully made.

    The script is wonderfully sharp, almost like a laser in places, and the pace is just like reading a poem with a constant meter. The cinematography is eerily in tune with everything else about this film, and the screenplay constantly makes us think and empathise with what we see. The music bubbles along in a hypnotic echo warning us not to run too fast or we will miss things.

    The acting is of such high quality throughout it would be wrong to pick out anyone for special mention and this is as true of the cameos as it is for everyone else. As films go it is as perfect as you can get. But don't take my word for it, just go and see it and spend time watching that opening sequence over and over again. This is story telling at its best.