• Warning: Spoilers
    My areas of disappointment : 1) Bane, 2) the threat on the city (nuclear), and 3) the Mr. Nolan's surprising lack of storytelling and bleak cinematic visual (even though he seemingly had the best filming tools to deliver so.).

    1) I only wished the Mr. Nolan did not abruptly reduce his newest villain, Bane, to something so insignificant and small. The menacing, intelligent, "brute force" was indeed a towering figure throughout the movie until he presents himself as secondary towards the end of the trilogy.

    2) And the threat on Gotham City, a nuclear one, was surprisingly unoriginal considering how innovative the poisonous vapor threat was in "Batman Begins" or how chaos forced the protagonists of Gotham to make extremely troubling decisions in "The Dark Knight."

    3) Something breathtaking was so suppose to happen in either the plot or in the IMAX grandeur. However, Mr. Nolan surprisingly failed to deliver in both areas. Mr. Nolan did not make us hold our breath like he did in the "Dark Knight" nor did he captivate our focus with his playful plots and mind bending cinematic visuals as he did in "Inception." In other words, I could not help but looking back at his past films while watching the "TDKR."

    There were a few other things that caught my immediate, negative attention. But who cares. It is really over now. This was how Mr. Nolan decided to end this truly life defining story. With that said, I am simply stunned and truly hurt that the trilogy had to end . . . like this.

    – davidwoongkim, Seoul