• A group of friends decides to stay a night at the Whaley House (known for it's real life hauntings).

    This movie confused me, not because of the story, but mainly the acting.

    As i started watching this, i wasn't sure if this was gonna be a comedy or a horror movie (classic haunted house horror), or a mix of both, to me it was a mix, even thou it was suppose to be a serious take on a real life haunted house, i felt the characters were a joke.

    The story is based on the real Whaley house (no... they did not film it there), there is not much to say... except, group of friends goes into house, house is haunted, done.

    Let me get to the acting, i didn't like it, something felt wrong, it wasn't bad acting, nor was it good, it felt out of place for a movie like this, sure... some gave in a decent effort, others did not, which made it hard for me to watch this. The directing and script had a lot to blame for this overall mess, it just wasn't scary, it wasn't gory, it had no suspense, to me... it felt like a daytime drama with horror elements in it.

    Overall, sub par acting, sub par directing, bad script, could of been a good movie... since it was basing it's idea from the most haunted house in the USA, But failed in every way to deliver us a good watch.

    Final verdict - 4 out of 10, i cannot recommend this movie to anyone. (i also think me giving this movie a 4 out of 10 is being very kind to it, i probably should give it a 3, but i'm a niice guy)