• One of the best comedy series recently in Turkey.

    "İşler Güçler" is the story of three new actors who try to be famous by making TV shows. Actors use their own name and life story for the series and that makes reality a kind of comedy. İşler Güçler is appreciated especially by young and educated people and watched on internet more than TV.

    Ahmet Kural, Murat Cemcir, and Sadi Celil Cengiz are stars of the series. The three, had also acted in "Üsküdar'a Giderken" (a comedy series) before İşler Güçler and started to be known in Turkey. After this series ended, Murat Cemcir and Ahmet Kural acted in a comedy film "Çalgı Çengi" that got a fair success in cinemas. The film was also supported by Cem Yilmaz, comedy star of Turkey. Ahmet Kural also acted in a series called "Gazi" telling stories of a veteran soldier formerly fought in eastern of Turkey against terrorism.