• I feel sorry for talented actor Charles Berling whose parts in the movies are downright disappointing whereas he triumphs on stage .

    This story of an old house full of childhood memories was not worse than countless others :it belonged to the wife's brother who took his own life ;the husband wants to sell it but the woman is not prepared to accept it;it seems that there was more than a simple brother/sister affection between the dead and the living.

    Unfortunately,apart from Berling,the rest of the cast is pretty mediocre and the screenplay leads to nowhere:it even becomes unintentionally funny when the two friends enter the scene ;the open ending has been seen a hundred times or more ;and it's impossible to guess what the young migrant worker is driving at;"your situation is illegal(!) the friend shouts "but I can help you ,I'm a jurist!" Proof positive that justice is not to be believed in France?