• Recess was a really good show. I loved it so much. Although I haven't watched this show in about 7 or 8 years I have never forgotten about it. Recess is about a group of six 4th graders trying to face challenges and make it through the course of a school year. There was TJ, a born leader, who never backed down from a challenge. There was Gretchen a super genius who knew a lot about science and was the brains of TJs plans. THere was Spinelli, a tough girl, who always would fight with a lot of people. There was Vince, who was the athletic, sporty kind of guy. Then there was Mikey, the sweet, poetic, kid who always tried to do the right thing. Lastly, there was Guss, the new kid, and who is sort of timid, and shy at times. I thought that each episode was entertaining and I liked the stories in each episode. All six of the main characters had great chemistry together although all of them had different personalities they still got along well.

    In conclusion this was a great show one of Disney's finest too bad Disney doesn't make shows like this anymore :(