• Warning: Spoilers
    So normally I'm not the type to really get into the more modern-day type shows that play on real life. I'd been hearing news about The New Normal for a bit, and thought it was already airing. When I saw that it was only the pilot that was up, I decided to give it a shot.

    The story focuses on David and Bryan, a gay couple living an almost perfect life. To Bryan, the only thing that could make it even more so is having a kid.

    Contrast to Goldie and her daughter and old fashioned (in the sense of being intolerant of racial differences and homosexuality) mother. After a shocking discovery by Goldie, she decides to take her daughter and leave to start her life over and start living.

    Back to the boys, they go through an amusing process of screening potential surrogate mothers (including a pretty amusing scene with one of them), and the one they decide on just happens to be Goldie!

    More dramatics ensue involving good old mother, and we're left with a cliffhanger of whether Goldie is pregnant or not.

    I was actually pleasantly surprised with what I watched. The jokes were pretty alright, but I mostly just enjoyed the overall story itself for this show. I'm really excited to see how this develops. As the previous reviewer stated, it could go a couple of ways: Goldie could be pregnant and the series (the first or first couple of seasons maybe) could revolve around her carrying their child. Goldie could not be pregnant, but because of how she was positively pressured (the words of praise and the expensive present), she could have lied to the boys and a good part of the first season could revolve around her trying to find ways to get pregnant, with the end of the first season having her successfully be so (leading to interesting moments of tension and possibly one of them finding out that she was lying to them). Or she could not be pregnant and be honest about it, leading to other types of interesting moments.

    Though at the beginning with the couple they played a bit on the contrasting stereotypes (one being a bit more feminine, the other being the more masculine), it's obvious that they're playing more at being much more closer to being in a happy middle for both of them, rather than being the extreme left and right that we're usually left to watch. Being gay myself and having the gay friends that I do, it was really refreshing to see that they're being portrayed closer to what people could actually attach to and even possibly relate to (not that there's too much wrong with the stereotype, but it normally seems like they're playing it off for the laughs only, which seeing it over and over gets insulting after a while since we're not all like that). I only do hope that they continue this instead of having them shift over to the same stereotypical characters that we see.

    Again, I was very pleasantly surprised by the pilot. Pilots are pretty known to make or break a show, and as mentioned, I think this pilot definitely shows the potential that this show can have. I look forward to watching it and hopefully seeing that potential get unleashed.