• Warning: Spoilers
    ***SPOILERS*** You can see right away that something is missing in the movie "Dangerous Mission" in that a number of the scenes in it were exclusively filmed for its 3D effects which watching it on TV or video tape & DVD are no longer there. Filmed at beautiful and breath taking Glaicer National Park the movie has to do with a planned hit job on eye witness Louise Graham, Piper Laurie.It was Louise who was at the scene when this hood Battaglia, Bert Moorehouse, was knocked off while playing the piano at a Glaicer National Park resort by New York hit-man Johnny Yonkers, Ken Dibbs. With Louise's life in danger of being rubbed out herself by Yonker's hoods it's decided to put her into protective custody by the FBI. But with time quickly running out in that a hit has already been set up by Yonker's boys back in NYC it's now up to the NYPD as well as the local law enforcement authorities to make sure that Louise lives long enough before the curtain, or gun hammer, comes down on her.

    Right away you see something terrible wrong with the storyline in that Louise is free to roam around the Galicer National Park resort with none of Yonkers men, whom one is the places manager, as much as laying a finger on her! We know right away that NYPD detective Matt Hallett, Victor Mature, is the good guy in the movie, what other role could Mature be cast in, who's there to see that Louise isn't murdered. We as well as know at the first moment that we see him that magazine photographer Paul Adams, Vincent Price, is the hit-man just by his phony inoffensive looking demeanor yet his his very obvious shifty looking eyes.

    The one thing or person in the movie I found really worth watching was Betta St. James, what a knockout!, as native American Indian Mary Tiller who works as a hostess at the resort. It's Mary's pop Katoonai, Steve Darrell, who's on the lamb in a murder that he as well as park ranger Joe Parker, William Bendix, claims was in self-defense. The movie lumbers along with a number of 3D effect, like an avalanche forest fire and snow slide, which was put into it that we in the audience don't see making them totally useless to watch.

    ***SPOILERS*** The ending does in fact save the movie with Matt Hallett and Paul Adams slugging it out on a dangerous melting glacier with Louise falling through it and hanging on to dear life on an ice ledge below. Despite the final scene when glacier ice collapses and buried Adams, who in fact by shooting off his gun activated it, being original shot in 3D it still was effective as well as heart stopping. As for Matt he was rewarded at the end of the movie not with any promotion or raise in salary but something far better. A proposal of marriage by the person who's life he saved the sweet cute and cuddly Louise Graham.