• Entourage about a movie star and his gang.Isler Gucler is about 3 actors and they're relationships but its just that because there are huge differences between;been a movie star in USA and been a movie star in Turkey.Isler Gucler basically tragicomic stories about TV and movie business.What's made Isler Gucler unique series? a)Selcuk Aydemir(Director,Screenplay)Selcuk Aydemir is very smart and talented director and writer. b)Lead actors(Murat Cemcir,Ahmet Kural,Sadi Celil Cengiz)Ahmet Kural make great performance on the series,this role made him one of the greatest actor in Turkey also Murat Cemcir and Sadi Celil Cengiz has a great chemistry with Ahmet Kural. c)Other Actors/Actresses:Burak Satibol(Salih)be a star in very short time because there's some taboos on Turkish TV series about sex,politics,religion .... so you can't see some real people on the TV bu not Salih.He's one of us,you can easily see a Salih Abi in some neighborhood in Turkey.Yilmaz Gruda's character another real character in the show,he's an old movie star who suffers about money and getting new jobs.There's one surprise performance from Ceren Moray,I really hated her character in Kavak Yelleri but she show to us how an actress could getting to the role,change herself completely.

    It's just a few things who made Isler Gucler awesome.