• I usually wait 3-4 episodes before deciding if I'm gonna keep watching a show or not. After 3 episodes of this show it's kinda safe to say that it's not gonna survive long. You look at shows like modern family, HIMYM, happy endings or The big bang theory and you know they give material for 6-7 seasons at least. But this is not the case here. Clearly, they wanted to make a show centered around a gay couple and make them look "normal" and put typical non-creative characters on the sides. The grandmother, the daughter and the little kid are all what you have already seen like bizillion times. you can even predict what they gonna do every scene. The grandmother will say something racist or sexist.. anything offensive. The daughter will give the warm innocent look and act as an angel. The little girl will go "the world doesn't understand me". The whole this is very predictable. I could tel in the end of the pilot what's gonna happen next episode and so on! We all have gay friends and we see how they live and behave, you don't have to go to the extreme and make them weird then say "normal". Most of gay people don't do what Andrew does in this show and if they do, I highly doubt this would be normal any soon.

    I don't hate the show but I watch it like "yea, keep going".. I'm not very excited to watch anyway. I think if you want the massage you better watch community (the anti-racist/sexist) show. If you want the comedy, you have tons of shows to make you laugh your ass but not this one.