• Warning: Spoilers
    I believe they were trying for a Modern Family type show, but this is just not as funny. There are some good parts - a few funny jokes, but mostly it's just tiresome. When the show tries for heartfelt, they just come up as tedious. There is a scene where the mother has a heart-to-heart with the little girl after a disaster at her wedding (the child's, not the mother's - very weird) and that scene just goes on forever. The character of the little girl was supposed to be quirky and lovable but is instead bizarre and preachy. The little actress does a great job with what she's given but her part is lame. The gay couple isn't so bad but really, why do these shows always have to make one of the gay characters so much of a stereotype? The grandmother is positively hateful. Where Archie Bunker had his good points, this character has none. If you are looking for a laugh-out-loud comedy like Modern Family with some lovable character, this show has none and it drowns in weepy(and sometimes creepy) sentimentality.