• Warning: Spoilers
    "The Specialist" is the one movie (out of twelve) that made me buy the Mill Creek DVD pack called "Rare Cult Cinema", mostly based on Leonard Maltin's review, in which he calls Ahna Capri "well-cast as the female version of the usual macho killer-for-hire". He gets the "well-cast" part right, but the rest seems to me like a misrepresentation - Capri does NOT play a killer of any sort, she plays a professional seducer. Although she bares her stupendously great breasts only twice, those 10 seconds (out of a 90-minute movie, mind you!) are something to see indeed. Other things to watch for are a rather unusual killing, and the typically 1970's pessimistic ending. But Avedis' mostly unimaginative, TV-style direction (with an emphasis on long talky scenes) does not allow "The Specialist" to ever become the cult treasure it could have been. ** out of 4.